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Seven Days

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

It's crazy to think I will be joined to another human being in seven days. In seven days I will be someone's wife. How crazy is that?! I spent so much of my engagement season chilling. I mean, it's a small wedding so there hasn't really been any need for a crazy amount of planning and I haven't been giving much thought into the fact that I am about to be married because it feels like the only logical next step. I love him. He loves me. There is no one else we would rather be with... So why not just tie the knot and get this thing DONE? Right?

But today tears started pouring down my face after church and I couldn't even really put my finger on why exactly. After the service was over I had so many people congratulating me and with each well wish also came words of advice. Every word said to me pierced my heart causing my eyes to water more and more. I started to think about how God's hand has been on my life from the very beginning and all of a sudden it hit me... I have been given an amazing gift wrapped gently in the package of marriage and I have received it SO passively. 

The truth is, marriage is a beautiful gift from God and it definitely deserves way more honour and appreciation than I have been giving it. I started to think of the great responsibility that comes with being a wife and how my life will no longer be just my own, but it becomes forever joined to Elijah's. My last name changes into his and I literally become one with him. Selfishness is no longer an option if I want to have a marriage that flourishes. It will be my job to uphold him, speak life into him, care for him, love him, serve him and pray for him like he is me, because he will be an extension of me. It will be just us two FOREVER. So with each tear a steady realization hit that I should be more thankful to God for this gift He has given me and that I should uphold it to a much higher standard.

So for the next seven days I will be approaching this upcoming marriage with a completely different mindset and an extremely grateful heart. I am so happy to be in love with Elijah and I am so grateful that when God was creating him, He had me in mind. I will be eternally grateful to God for being the best gift giver and to Elijah for being the best gift given.

I love you both with everything that is in me.


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