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Intimacy: close familiarity or friendship; closeness.

A few moments ago I could feel the heaviness of my eyelids, so I quickly picked up the bible and tried to squeeze a chapter in before sleep inevitably hit me. After reading a couple verses a song came on that really inspired me to write this post in all my tiredness. The singer started to sing a medley of gospel songs that really moved me. He started out by saying that he didn't want to sing songs that were well known, but for some reason he felt compelled to sing the songs he sings in His intimate times with the Lord. As he started to sing I could feel his heart with every note that left his lips.

"The Lord is good & His love endures. The Lord is good forever."

He sang that over and over again.

The Lord is good & His love endures. He is good forever. With these words something inside of my heart leaped. I just had to meditate on those words and remember that being close to Him should always be the intent of my heart, simply because of who He is. If I was always mindful of who He is then being close to Him would be as necessary as breathing to me.

"The Lord is good & His love endures. The Lord is good forever."

The word that keeps coming to me is intimacy. This word made me think about the heart behind my worship, the heart behind why I do what I do when I am doing anything for the Lord. Just now I was reading a chapter of the bible before bed in a rush just so that I could go to sleep and feel good knowing that I read the bible today. The motivation behind me reading wasn't to spend time in His word and to learn more about Him. It was more about checking something off my list that needed to be done today. Once again, I missed the whole point... I get to have a close personal relationship with God, but I wanted to trade that in for good works. How could I forget that His love is what won me? How could I forget even for a moment that true intimacy with Him should always be what my heart beats for? How could I forget that...

"The Lord is good & His love endures. The Lord is good forever."

I want to be so close. I want my heart beat to mirror His. I want His love to be so evident in my life. I want His glory above mine. I want to walk hand in hand with Him all the days of my life. I love Him above all things that I hold dear. There is nothing like those intimate moments with God when I can feel His tangible presence in the room moving me to tears. Those moments where He can see into my heart completely and I can feel His love transforming me by the second. Just like that singer I want people to feel my heart for God with every word I type and every word I say.

 I need to be close because...

"My God is good & His love endures. My God is good forever."


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