• Avrielle Muse

It's Okay to Go Home

I graduated university today. I enjoyed the inspiring words said during the ceremony, my proud parents looking at me with joy and pride in their hearts, I also loved that my family assembled together to celebrate me. I had a really nice time & I am glad my mom pushed me to go. I feel like I didn't want to go because I already felt like I closed that chapter of my life. In my 3rd year of university I started going home every single weekend because I truly felt like I was done with university. I felt like I came there to learn what I had to learn. I met my amazing soul mates and I had an encounter with God. In any case, that chapter was not fully closed until today. Today I can finally say it is over. A beautiful chapter of my life that consisted of heartbreak, broken and restored friendships, some serious introspection and an introduction to my faith is finally over.

Even though I graduated today, I have been home since the end of second term last year. I came home because I felt I was ready. Yes, I know many times going home is not always the most glorious thing to do, it invites a feeling of taking steps back and starting over... Especially after living on your own there are not many that are entirely crazy about going back home to your parents. It is almost like losing a piece of your independence. With all that being said, sometimes it is necessary. It helps you to go back to the drawing board and take a look at where you are now and where you would like to see yourself. It helps you to re-assess your life and can even help you to see who you are at the core. Home has the ability to remind you of where you started and the things you have managed to push to the back of your mind, whether that be traditions, memories, old (good) habits-- you name it.

I am maybe one of the few that are happy to be back home. The place that I was so set on getting away from when I was approaching 1st year of university 5 years ago is the same place I couldn't wait to go home to 5 years later. Home helped me to see things clearer. After all, this is where I came from and although it may not always be where I will remain, it was a beautiful decision to make.

In a different sense, I have watched friendships fall apart in my own life and they were not restored until the decision was made to start over and go back to the basics. I have had to go 'home' many times when it comes to relationships in my own life just so they were able to flourish the way they initially were supposed to. Sometimes it is about the right timing, sometimes it takes some growth in the hearts of both parties for things to play out better the second time around. Whatever it is that needed to be done... Going home had to be the first step in the process.

I am a strong believer that going back to your roots humbles you, while simultaneously giving you amazing perspective. All of this somehow has the ability to prepare you for whatever is next. So it is okay to feel like you are starting over, it is okay to feel as though you are taking steps back. It really is okay to go home.

This post is for all of those who are struggling with the idea of going home or those who are anxious about the next decisions that need to be made in life. In whatever way this post resonates with you, the one thing I want to encourage you to do is to find your way home, whether that be literally or figuratively. I promise you that is where you will find your answers.


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