• Avrielle Muse

Time Is of the Essence

My husband is probably the most productive person I have ever met. In the time him and I have been together I don't think he has ever had a lazy day. Every single day he gets up, hits the gym, practices his craft and nails everything on his to do list effortlessly. I swear he is superman in the flesh. I admire his devotion to his craft, his consistent motivation and his thirst for always wanting to do more. I really do, but for some reason I cannot seem to get on the same page.

Anyone that knows me knows that sleeping and watching Netflix are my favourite past times. I love the weekends because that means I get to sleep in and do absolutely nothing with my day, but waste time and be lazy. I justify my lack of productivity by saying to myself, "I worked a 40 hour work week so it is perfectly fine if I have two days of doing nothing." But deep down I know that my empty days mean unfulfilled time. Time that I will never get back.

Yesterday I stayed in bed till 2:00 PM. I got up to shower then went to get something to eat, came home watched Netflix then wrote a blog post and called it a day. Shortly after I finished my blog post I received a call from my husband who had a jam packed day as usual. He woke up early, went for a run, went to the gym, practiced his craft, worked a full day and then came home to do some administrative duties-- sending emails and whatnot. During our phone call he explains his day to me and then asks me what I did with mine. I respond reluctantly because I just know in typical Elijah fashion he is going to push and try to motivate me to do something more... And in typical Avrielle fashion, I refuse.

Being married to someone who is the complete opposite of me when it comes to maximizing the use of each 24 hour day forces me to take a good look at my time management way more than I would like to. Every moment that I spend wasting my time is mirrored by every moment that Elijah spends maximizing his. I can't help but realize how often I push all the things I have to do off to the side just so I can spend more time being unproductive. I am 100% sure my YouTube channel would be in a different space right now if I spent more time working on that than sleeping and watching Netflix.

The fact of the matter is the time I have wasted in this life I can never get back. I have to make a decision to effectively use the time that has been given to me. When all is said and done and my life is over I will have to answer for every moment I spent on this earth. I am convinced that my creativity, and the things inside of me waiting to be produced cannot be re-created by anyone else and for that reason I have to bring my ideas to life. Time is of the essence.


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