"One conversation with Avrielle and my life was completely altered for the better. She diligently listened to my concerns and then provided sound advice that was driven by love, and rooted in the word of God. Her down to earth personality placed me at ease, making me completely comfortable to open up to her without the fear of judgement. To top it all off she has a great sense of humour that had me rolling on the floor right after crying my eyes out. I left the conversation feeling empowered! My spirit was uplifted and the great part about it is I can take her words of wisdom and apply them to multiple areas of my life, knowing confidently that I'm growing both mentally and spiritually." - S

"Avrielle has a way of getting you to see things from a different perspective. She carefully analyzes the problem & listens attentively without interrupting. You can trust that she will be honest with you no matter what. I admire how she always says things in love while at the same time being rooted in God's truth. In addition to Avrielle's counsel, she is able to make you laugh your butt off with her amazing sense of humour. Regardless of how I am feeling, I always leave inspired and encouraged every time we speak. Avrielle carries a beautiful spirit and is a light to anyone who crosses her path. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone." - N

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